with God nothing shall be impossible

for with God ...As I sit in the living room of a now completed Luxi House, I remember the sights and sounds of the construction crew and I imagine the sights and sounds of young women and babies. I am so grateful for both the memories and the promise. Both possible because of you. Your partnership in the vision has brought us this far. Thank you! Your partnership propels us forward. Thank you! Your partnership is why we will soon be putting our team to work repairing not walls, but lives. “You will be called repairers of broken walls.” – Isaiah 58:12

The long journey to get to the place of offering housing, support and hope to young women in need has not been in vain. Nor has it been unproductive. Repairers of broken walls is who you are and what you do. God is glorified when brokenness is repaired by people who are or are becoming repairers of brokenness. Our team has been pruned and prepared to be repairers.

Please pray
-that the Luxi team will continue to grow, in wisdom, in strength and in numbers
-that our intake interviews will bring new life to Luxi House
-that, at Luxi House, young women, babies and families are rebuilt, restored, and readied for next steps toward health and wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

Please pray about how you can support us as we move into our next phase, where life comes to Luxi House and Luxi House is able to restore hope and life to young moms and babies.

Thanks and Blessings.